2020 Reading List: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

A few days before I had my baby I decided I needed a light, fun book to read to take my mind off the stress and discomfort of being past my due date. I had The Kiss Quotient, by Helen Hoang on my wish list in the library’s ebook portal; I think it was recommended to me by a friend years ago. It sounded fun and light so I thought, Why not?

It was a little raunchier than I anticipated, let’s put it that way. I would put this in the “erotic romance” category of reading. But don’t let that deter you! If that’s your thing, then this is a cute book.

The book is about a woman who has high-functioning autism who hasn’t had much experience with dating or having sex. Her mom is pressuring her to find a man and settle down, since she is getting older (30! the horror!) But Stella thinks that the reason she can’t find a guy she likes is because she hasn’t had enough practice. She thinks there’s something wrong with her, or something she’s doing wrong to turn guys off. If only she had someone to practice with to get her ready for a real relationship.

So she hires an escort to teach her how to have sex. Only the guy she hires happens to be totally sexy, totally kind and understanding, and totally her type. Turns out, maybe she doesn’t need those sex lessons after all.

If you like these cheesy romance novels, then I’d recommend this one. This isn’t usually the type of book I read, but I enjoyed it at the time. It definitely got my mind off my impending delivery!


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