The Hike Where I Own Up to (One) of My Shortfalls

A few weekends ago, the weather was absolutely perfect for hiking at Moraine State Park and McConnells Mill State Park. Blue skies, sunshine, 80’s – one of those mid-summer days that you just can’t help but get outside and appreciate nature.


I’d been meaning to drive up with Jim for awhile, but with the wedding and everything else going on, the summer started slipping away from me. Luckily, my friend asked me to go up with her on a weekend when I was a little more flexible.

We drove up early in the morning so we could start the day when it was a little cooler out. It always surprises me how close Moraine State Park is and how easy it is to drive there. Her GPS started taking us some crazy way, north of the lake, so after turning around and following the guidance of a different GPS, we made it to the South Shore.

I think the other few times I’ve been to Moraine, I went to the North Shore, where they have boating, a “beach,” bike trails and such.  We didn’t care where we went, we were just looking for some pretty trails good for hiking.


The hike at Moraine was pretty easy, so we had plenty of time to talk. Continue reading