How To Be Better Than Before

Last year was amazing. 2016 was the year to beat. And it probably won’t be beat for a long while.


I’ve written about New Year’s with a different mindset every year. I remember years when I was so sick of the way my year had gone and so hopeful that the new year would be the one full of change. I remember years knowing that it was the end of something wonderful and the next step was yet to be determined. I remember years that were great and I couldn’t imagine how it could be beat. This is one of those years.  Continue reading

A Year in the Gym

A Year in the Gym

One year ago, I joined a local gym a little less than a mile from my apartment. One of my goals for the new year had been to start getting back into shape, so I found a gym that I liked that included fitness classes and I signed myself up. I figured if there was $40 being taken out of my bank account every month, I would force myself to go.

One year later, I’m proud to say that I’m still going.

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365 Days

365 Days

Everyone thinks of the New Year as a fresh start and an opportunity to become a better version of themselves. The flaw in their thinking is that they are looking at the year as a whole, as one single year, one chance to make things right. They are making resolutions for the year and at the end of it, their grade is pass/fail. They either kept their New Year’s resolutions or they didn’t. They succeeded or they succumbed to the inevitable disturbances that life throws at them and let those obstacles get in their way.

The fatal error is in thinking that you’ve got one shot.

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